What Percentage of People Relapse After Rehab?

About 40% to 60% of people who complete rehab programs may relapse. Various factors like stress, depression, and overconfidence can contribute to relapse. Education level, living environment, marital status, mental health disorders, and legal troubles can impact relapse rates. Recognizing warning signs of relapse, seeking support, and developing a new relapse prevention plan are crucial post-rehab strategies. Relapse is not considered a failure of rehab but an opportunity for growth and adjustment of treatment plans. It is important to continue seeking the right support and treatment tailored to individual needs for lasting recovery.
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What to Do if You Relapsed Over the Holidays

If you relapsed over the holidays, don't panic or judge yourself harshly. Consult your relapse plan or create one if you don't have one. Give yourself space to feel your emotions and seek help from recovery specialists. Reflect on the factors that led to the relapse and make a plan to address them. Reset your daily recovery lifestyle, practice daily recovery affirmations, and remember that relapse does not mean you have failed. Reset your relapse prevention plan if needed and consider creating new traditions to reduce holiday stress. Remember that you are not alone and seek additional support and resources if needed.

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