James Roquemore Jr.

Client Liaison

James Roquemore Jr. is a cherished member of our team at Otter House Wellness, where his journey of long-term recovery enriches the lives of those he works with. Drawing from his own experiences, James is deeply committed to guiding individuals on their paths to sobriety, embodying the spirit of resilience and hope that defines our community.

With a profound appreciation for history, James often finds solace and inspiration in museums and historical sites, believing that understanding the past can illuminate the path forward. His advocacy for 12-step programs is rooted in their transformative power, which he has witnessed both personally and professionally. James is passionate about creating inclusive spaces where individuals in recovery can connect through shared experiences, especially in enjoying live music and cultural events that celebrate the joy of sober living.

Beyond his professional endeavors, James is actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America, reflecting his commitment to mentorship and community service. This role harmoniously blends with his personal life, where he treasures camping trips and outdoor adventures with his son. These experiences not only strengthen their bond but also instill values of resilience, teamwork, and respect for nature in the next generation.

At Otter House Wellness, James’s multifaceted role as a guide, mentor, and advocate underscores our mission to foster healing and growth. His story is a testament to the strength found in community, the transformative power of recovery, and the endless possibilities that await on the journey to wellness.

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