Nick McGrory

Chief Executive Officer

Nick McGrory is more than just a co-founder; he's the heart and soul behind Otter House Wellness, a revered substance use rehabilitation program dedicated to aiding both men and women on their path to recovery. A proud alumnus of the University of Alabama, Nick's academic pursuits paved the way for his profound dedication to community service and wellness.

A sports enthusiast with a penchant for football, basketball, baseball, and softball, Nick believes in the transformative power of physical activity. His love for the outdoors is evident, whether he's scaling a challenging hiking trail or wandering the globe, discovering new destinations and cultures.

A personal journey marked by his triumphant 7-year sobriety, Nick's experiences have shaped his life's mission. He has successfully steered a renowned recovery program in the Asheville region for over half a decade, touching countless lives with his compassionate approach. Outside of his professional pursuits, Nick's commitment to the community shines. From volunteering at animal and homeless shelters to bringing recovery meetings to jails and institutions, his altruistic endeavors exemplify his unwavering dedication to service.

Beyond his many achievements, Nick harbors a soulful side. For nearly six years, he has been weaving stories and emotions into music, recording and sharing his passion with the world.

At the heart of it all, Nick's compassionate spirit is most evident in his interactions with the alumni of Otter House Wellness. He not only helps them achieve sobriety but also takes immense joy in spending quality time with them and their families. Nick McGrory is not just a beacon in the recovery community; he is a testament to resilience, hope, and the transformative power of compassion.

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